Putter Appreciation Day - COMING SOON

If you haven't heard, March 15th is Putter Appreciation Day here at Peak Discs!

Now you may be wondering, "what the heck does that mean?". Well, it means that we love our putters! They're often overlooked, but the humble putter is the most important disc in your bag. That's right, we said it :)


If I had to choose a single disc to use on a course or to recommend to a beginning player, it'd be a putter 10 times out of 10. You can tee off with them, approach, putt (duh) and they're just useful all around. We just love 'em and can't get enough.

That's why it's been decided that on March 15th, Peak Disc's 2 month anniversary, we're going to show our love for all putters everywhere with Putter Appreciation Day!

You'll be able to grab the amazing putters we have at discounted prices, so don't be afraid to pad your bag with a few of these wonderful, versatile discs. We'll be featuring some of our favorites and why we love them, so be sure to stop on by our site and see for yourself!

What are some of your favorite putters? Let us know down in the comments! And be sure to share the news with your friends, so that they don't miss out on Putter Appreciation Day.
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Sooo many putters in the bag (7)! I have a couple Lunas and Fierces that I throw off the tee at anything 250’ and in as long as it’s not a crazy dog leg. And when it is, I switch to a zone (Yes, it’s a putter!). The different plastics of Luna and Fierce fly just slightly differently, so I’ve got a couple of each in my bag.
For putting itself, as much of a Discraft fan as I am, I still turn to the Dynamic Disc Classic Soft Judge. There is no better putter in disc golf than the Judge. Classic Soft gives me that gummy soft feel that I love in the hand, and it sticks to chains nicely.

Adam Creed

I use two putters, one for approach and one for putting. I use my Latitude 64 Mercy for upshorts and at courses like Cornwallis in Durham I use it off the tee for about six or seven holes. It’s such a great disc! I can shape my shots so well with it, and find those tricky lines through all the trees.

For putting, I use a L64 Dagger. Such a consistent, reliable disc.

Rick Liebling

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