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The brands we carry (and why) Unfortunately, Peak Discs is unable to carry either of these brands right now. I've had a lot of questions and requests to carry them, and certainly I want to. The short answer is neither of these companies are currently accepting applications for new dealers and so our hands are tied until that changes. Don't worry though, once I can apply we'll be first in line ;-) The slightly longer story and why this is the case is because, frankly, they just can't keep up with demand. Disc golf has blown up during the pandemic and discs all...

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Featured Article: Wild Discs "The Value of the Putter" - Peak Discs

If you haven't heard, Peak Discs is very excited to celebrate Putter Appreciation Day on March 15th. In short, the putter is the most important disc in any disc golf bag and more than likely the most overlooked. We want to take this day to celebrate and show our appreciation for the most versatile and important disc out there! Our friends over at > Wild Discs < wrote an article on their thoughts of why the putter is the most important and undervalued disc. Please hop on over and give it a read, and also check out the amazing work they're doing! ...

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