Looking for Discraft or Innova? Can't find them?

The brands we carry (and why)

Unfortunately, Peak Discs is unable to carry either of these brands right now. I've had a lot of questions and requests to carry them, and certainly I want to. The short answer is neither of these companies are currently accepting applications for new dealers and so our hands are tied until that changes. Don't worry though, once I can apply we'll be first in line ;-)

The slightly longer story and why this is the case is because, frankly, they just can't keep up with demand. Disc golf has blown up during the pandemic and discs all over have been selling out like crazy (trust me, I've seen the order forms from dealers). Some companies are accepting new dealers, and so that's where we currently get our selection from. Innova and Discraft have decided not to for now in order to continue being able to supply their current dealers with enough discs. I totally respect that decision. 

Again, I'm keeping an eye on things and once I can apply to be a dealer for these brands I will. I know they're fan favorites and carrying them is a no-brainer. Thank you for understanding in the meantime, and as cheesy as it may sound I really do recommend trying other brands and discs for now. I've found my new "favorite" brands a few times now and all I've realized is that every brand seems to have some pretty incredible things and it's 100% worth branching out. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out via social media or email (customerservice@peakdiscs.com). 


Thank you!

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