Review: Apex Nature Park Disc Golf course [7/10]

Disc golf courses are, unfortunately, not all created equal. And while there's no reason you shouldn't give any and all of them a try, I wanted to share my thoughts on some of the courses I've been to!

For this course review, I'm going to be talking about the Apex Nature Park disc golf course in Apex, NC.  


The disc golf course at the Apex Nature Park is a solid local course. It's currently just a 10 hole course (1-9 and 18) because there's some construction on the back 9, however the park itself is very nice. It has some athletic fields, tennis courts, a kids playground, a volleyball court, a basketball court, covered outdoor areas, a dog park, walking trails, and an amphitheater. It can be found at 2600 Evans Rd, Apex, NC 27502 and more info can be found at the park website


The course at the ANP is currently a 10 hole (holes 1-9 and 18) par 32 course that follows an easy path through the woods. While the design of the holes does not make it inherently difficult, there is one main aspect that will test your mettle as a disc golf player: trees. Lots, and lots, of trees. 


Now, I appreciate this course overall. I think the hole layouts are accessible yet interesting, however a lot of the time it feels like you can't go 5' without hitting another tree. And trust me, I have had too many games where I've progressed down the course in 5' intervals because the trees weren't happy with me that day. Unsurprisingly, that's why my family and I have adopted the moniker of "Woodpecker". It's kind of like a Dread Pirate Roberts thing, if you know what I mean. 


Another seasonal issue with this course is that it can very easily get muddy. Especially in the Winter and after it rains, a majority of the holes become too swampy to play easily. That doesn't stop many people though, so the most I can say is bring waterproof shoes or ones that you don't mind getting very wet and dirty. Generally, for the front 9, the following holes stay fairly dry: 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 18.


I don't want you to get the wrong idea though, I really enjoy this course. A very nice aspect of it is that it is definitely birdie-able and there are chances for you to get an Ace as well. I've been able to birdie on several occasions which is a great feeling. And yet it still feels like a win because it's not super easy to do (again, trees).


I've been playing at the Apex Nature Park course since it was built back in 2014 and it's a great local course. If you're in the area I'd definitely recommend giving it a shot (especially if it's not been rainy lately).


I give this course a 7/10 👍



Apex Nature Park disc golf course map

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