Hey there, my name is Cameron Small, and I'm the owner of Peak Discs. 

I started playing disc golf back around 2014 when a course was built about 5 min from my house. My whole family started getting into it and we all had a really great time playing. Over the years we got better, increased our disc collections, got more gear, and just generally learned to enjoy the sport more and more. 
I was out of college in 2020 and looking for work. I wasn't having much luck and as a result I was free during the days to play more disc golf. I noticed that the interest seemed to have continued to grow in my community and there was almost always someone playing at the course. Usually multiple groups, and on especially nice days the local courses would be super busy. 
Another thing I noticed was that near us, there was a general sporting goods store that had a few very basic discs and then another sports chain that had a slightly bigger selection. However, there wasn't a store around us that specialized in disc golf. If you wanted discs, you'd have to drive out to one of those stores and hope they'd have it or order online. Ordering online is fine, but depending on where the company is it can take a little while with shipping. I figured someone could do better. 
Now I've always wanted to be an entrepreneur, and the gears started turning in my head. I started imagining a disc golf specialty store that stocked a great collection of brands, discs, gear, accessories, and more, and even provided a few revolutionary services for the sport. I was dreaming of a true, one-stop-shop for disc golf lovers, that provides truly exceptional service. Slowly, the idea of Peak Discs formed in my mind. I set out to start my first business and after a lot of hard work, I was able to officially open in Jan of 2021. 

Peak Discs may be starting small but we've got big plans. We're currently registered with disc companies including Prodigy, MVP/Axiom/Streamline, Dynamic Discs/Latitude 64/Westside, Discmania, Wild Discs, Legacy, and RPM Discs, and we're looking to expand our offerings all the time. As we grow, we'll offer more deals and services, and hope to enrich the disc golf community around Apex, NC, and worldwide, too.  

I love disc golf, and if you do too, I'm sure you'll love Peak Discs. 


I'm also a member of the PDGA. Check me out!