Play it Forward

Let's all do our part to spread the love and to support all disc golf players!

If you're here because you received a Peak Discs "Play it Forward" disc, congrats! You're the latest person to be a part of this incredible campaign. Here's all you need to know: 

1. Use this disc as long as you need! Consider signing or writing your initials on it to become part of the legacy of this disc (no phone #s please).

2. When you see someone else in need (i.e. they just lost a disc, they're a beginner, they're interested in playing disc golf, etc.) pass this disc on to them. Explain what it's about and encourage them to scan the QR code and visit this page themselves.

3. Share your story with @PeakDiscsNC on social media. Let us know where the disc is at and how it helped you.

4. Keep it going and grow the sport in a fantastic way!

Ever lose a disc? Know someone who wants to play but can't afford a disc right now? Know of someone else in need? Introducing the Peak Discs "Play it Forward" initiative. 

Welcome! You may be curious as to what this is about, or maybe you just received the "Play it Forward" disc! Regardless, let me tell you more about "Play it Forward".

I got the idea the other day when I ran into someone who was pretty clearly looking for a disc. I had just lost one of my own on a different hole that day and so I went over and offered to help look. He had lost a navy blue Beast, and unfortunately we had no luck finding it. We got to talking and it turns out he was a beginner player. He had seen people play at the course we were at and wanted to give it a shot himself. In a lucky coincidence, I just so happened to have a Beast in my bag that I literally never threw. In the moment I decided to offer it to him. He was really touched by my offer and tried to pay me for it but I refused. I know the pain of losing a disc and I wanted to help this newer player out. He eventually accepted, we swapped names, and decided to say hi the next time we crossed paths at the course. 

It may not seem like a big thing at first but I believe small interactions like that can make waves. It felt great to help someone out, and I'm sure it meant a lot to him too.

This gave me the idea to start a campaign where people could help out other players with the intention for those players to help out even more players when their time came. A way to "Play it Forward", so to speak.  

I understand there are risks with this idea. Maybe the disc will end up in a pond somewhere. Maybe someone will hold on to the disc and never pass it on. Who knows? I want to give it a shot though! I think this has the potential to turn into something really amazing and I'd love to see the journey these discs go on.